15 Jan 2022

January 15th 2022

Coming fresh into the new year! With a full bodied jazz experience, vividly strung instruments, attentive drumming, and playful modular electronics. Happy to be back in resonanzraum Hamburg! In this special edition co-curated with Cologne’s DJ-legend and music journalist Waltraud Blischke.

Milan W. & Elko B.
(Electronics, Electric Guitar)

Alma Miranda
(Voice, Flute, Cuatro, Trombone, Keys)

Elisabeth CoudouxPablo Gīw
(Cello, Trumpet)

hÄK / Danzeisen
(Drums, Modular Synth)

Live Visuals
Alexander Trattler, Artur Musalimov / elektropastete

Graphic Design
Fenna Fiction

Milan Warmoeskerken alias Milan W. skirts the edges of dance music while never allowing his listeners to get totally comfortable. The Antwerp-based artist’s early work often veered towards ambient – however, his new work spins in a more rhythmic and dynamic direction. His latest LP on Ekster is a metallic yet fluid melange, with piecey textures and gentle, often skittering rhythms. Elko Blijweert alias Elko B. studied at the Jazz studio of the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. The Antwerp based multi instrumentalist has played since an early age in countless recording projects. But Blijweert’s guitar techniques are best experienced live – with his nuanced melodic approach he playfully blends the spaces between Instrumental Ambient and Contemporary Jazz.

What happens when two bright voices can sound like one and the same? When a few tones become wide spaces? The Cologne based duo Alma Miranda of the two twin sisters Pía and Paz Miranda plays with floating melody lines and freely modulated Chilean folk traditions – using a vast variety of instruments and sound techniques like singing voice, transverse flute, cuatro, trombone and piano. An enigmatic performance duo with a highly individual approach to Jazz, Neue Musik and folkloric compositions.

The search for new sounds and playing techniques led the cellist Elisabeth Coudoux from studying classical instruments to jazz and Neue Musik and further to free improvisation. Besides her own projects she plays cello in interdisciplinary projects with dancers, visual artists, poets and performers.  Cologne based trumpeter and performer Pablo Gīw utilizes experimental trumpet playing with extended playing techniques, he works with elements from various genres, combining minimalist structures with noise & neo soul. With his instrument he creates dense sound walls and hissing beats made of air sounding to his vocals.

One must imagine hÄK / Danzeisen as a man-machine apparatus. A collection of cables, resonating bodies and restless limbs. Bernd Norbert Würtz alias hÄK operates modular synthesizers, self-soldered circuits and control knobs. Philipp Danzeisen plays a drum kit enhanced with triggers and sensors. The dependencies within this system have been meticulously defined: Drum rolls and sound modulations are interconnected in such a way that there is no contradiction between the strict technological structure and the creative outburst that is possible at any time.

4fakultät works in close cooperation with visual artists Alexander Trattler and Artur Musalimov alias elektropastete. For each edition they create live-generated projections which make 4fakultät an audiovisual experience beyond stylistic definitions.

Photos Jann Wilken