29 NOV 2019

November 29th 2019

Closing the season with a special collaboration between 4fakultät and resonanzraum Hamburg we are nothing short of exhilaration, about this best-of-lineup combining Neue Musik, Experimental Jazz, Voice and Avantgarde Electronics.

Robert Lippok
(Raster / Berlin)

Tomat Petrella
(!K7 / Turin)

Martin Brandlmayr
Maja Osojnik
John Eckhardt
(Thrill Jockey / Vienna, Hamburg)

Sylvia Hinz
Justin Caulley
(XelmYa / Berlin, Hamburg)

Perila and mxdr
(radio.syg.ma / Berlin, Russia)

Live Visuals
Alexander TrattlerArtur Musalimov / elektropastete

Born in 1966, Robert Lippok studied stage design at Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin, before forming legendary To Rococo Rot with his brother Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider in 1995. After two decades performing with this genre defining trio, Lippoks’s work now centres around creating installations, stage design for interdisciplinary performances, as well as a steady output of ambient techno experimentations. Since 2001 Lippok’s solo work has been published on Raster.

Vienna based Martin Brandlmayr is considered one of the „most distinctive-sounding drummers on the planet.” With his unique style Brandlmayr creates a beautifully complex auditory texture, craftfully combining manual repetition and sampling his own sounds. For 4fakultät Brandlmayr forms a special trio with Slovenian singer, flutist and composer Maja Osojnik and Hamburg based double bass experimentalist John Eckhardt. Osojnik made a name for herself in different musical fields, such as experimental Jazz, free improvisation and sound art, mostly using her own voice, together with field recordings, and other lo-fi electronic devices such as toys, trash and found objects. The duo will be joined by the double bass player John Eckhardt. Driven by curiosity and passion for different styles, Eckhardt keeps drawing new connections and expands a bass cosmos of unusual dimensions.

Davide Tomat and Gianluca Petrella form a duo of Jazz and electronics which is quite of it’s own kind. Tomat is a producer, musician and sound designer from Turin focused on space drone ambient sounds and psychedelic electronic music. He produces music for art performances and installations, theatre, contemporary dance acts and soundtracks for films and documentary. His tracks has been remixed by International artists such as Animal Collective, Liars, Fennesz, Acid Pauli and Gonjasufi. Petrella on the other hand is a renown trombonist, with releases on genre defining labels like ECM Records. Melding these two spheres Tomat Petrella create a captivating sound, blasting with the energy of a Stanley Kubrick movie. The duo’s latest release ‚Kepler‘ has been published by Berlin based !K7 label.

Praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style, Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialised in contemporary music and improvisation. For 4fakultät Hinz forms a duo with Justin Caulley on the viola, who is part of the ensemble resonanz. Based on their extensive experience in interpreting they will combine contemporary compositions with their individual approach of improvisation.

DJ Perila and mxdr are prolific members of (now discontinued) Berlin Community Radio and Russia based radio.syg.ma. The duo will provide a lucid and emoitively engaging sound / atmosphere mix before and after the concert. Expanding in a collaborative feature between 4fakultät and radio.syg.ma the concert will also be broadcasted live on the website of the radio.syg.ma platform on the day of the event.

Photo: Maik Gräf