6 AUG 2022

August 6th 2022 / 8pm



Summer is setting the tone for our 20th edition. We created a hot-cold mix of slowly-melting Ambient, driving drums, shadow-throwing vinyl, spicy-sweetened Cocktail-Jazz and finly glistening melodies. As usual in a cross-style, 4fakultät-like improvisation setting. And in a special cooperation with Kunsthaus Hamburg and our co-curator Tintin Patrone.

Valentina Magaletti
Laila Sakini
(Drums, Voice, Piano, Vibraphone, Electronics)

Audrey Chen
(Cello, Voice, Electronics)

Vinyl -terror & -horror
(Vinyl, Turntables)

Brad Henkel (Trumpet)
Dan Peter Sundland (Bass, Voice)
Fabian Jung (Toys, Drums, Electronics, Voice)

Live visuals
Alexander Trattler, Artur Musalimov / elektropastete

Graphic design
Raphael Zöschinger

For drummer, percussionist and composer Valentina Magaletti, careful listening is just as important as an uncompromisingly open approach to tradition. She plays with folk and jazz as well as with contemporary electronic music. Magaletti not only achieved international recognition with her avant-garde duo Tomaga, she also showed her innovative playing skills with her diverse collaborations, for example with Nicolas Jaar, Jandek, Helm, Raime and Thurston Moore. At 4fakultät, Magaletti forms a special duo with singer and multi-instrumentalist Laila Sakini. Sakini, who lives in London and grew up in Melbourne, works with a wide variety of instruments and vocal techniques and thus produces an idiosyncratic contemporary sound between Classical, Jazz and Ambient. Or, as it is hard to fully grasp her musical image: “An enigma with a purpose”, The Wire Magazine

Vinyl-Jenga: Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen aka Vinyl -terror & -horror explore the record player and the vinyl material in its rawest and purest form. The visuality and physicality of the vinyl grooves allows them to transform the playback medium into sculptural objects while using the turntable as an instrument. The whole thing is best seen live: a bizarre, meditative performance forming strangely communicative towers of moving turntables. And the whole thing sounds like: pure vinyl punk.

Chinese/Taiwanese-American musician Audrey Chen was born in 1976 to a family of materials scientists, physicians and engineers outside of Chicago. She broke from the family convention and turned to the cello at the age of eight and to singing by the age of eleven. After years of classical and conservation training in both instruments – early and new music – she also left these conventions behind and discovered, as she says, “an individually more honest aesthetic”. For her, too, it is best summed up in superlatives: “Singing with Audrey is like working with all the possible noises of the universe and beyond, earthquakes, colliding galaxies and slugs sliding down a wet window, very quiet.” The Wire Magazine

Moneyfriends? Stands for an anti-classical Jazz trio, formed by Brad Henkel (trumpet), Dan Peter Sundland (bass and vocals) and Fabian Jung (toys, drums, electronics and vocals). The three play a performance-oriented, high-energy noise-rock-free-jazz. At the highest musical level, they dissect the idea of ​​what jazz is. Or what an instrument is? A stage? What is play and what is serious in jazz — this definitely.

4fakultät works in close cooperation with visual artists Alexander Trattler and Artur Musalimov alias elektropastete. For each edition they create live-generated projections which make 4fakultät an audiovisual experience beyond stylistic definitions.

Funded by Musikfonds as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, initiated by the Federal Government Commissioner, Behörde für Kultur und Medien of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung and Susanne & Michael Liebelt Stiftungsfonds under the roof of Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. In media partnership with ByteFM, URSSS, Das Filter, Vision Tools, Each Film, KaputMag, HALLO:Radio

Photos Franziska Holz