March 2021

March 14th 2021 / 7pm

We are back with a new edition this year! Experimental Jazz, Ambient Electronics and explosive Guitar-Noise once again in the sonic chambers of resonanzraum Hamburg.

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Sky Walking
(Dial, Bureau B, Mule Electronic)
Ale Hop
(Buh Records)
(Magda Mayas, Tony Buck / Creative Sources, Fish Of Milk)
Jasmine Guffond
(Editions Mego)

Live Visuals
Alexander Trattler, Artur Musalimov / elektropastete

Graphic Design
Lynn Lehmann, Dennis Gärtner / ZEBU

Berlin-residing artist and musician Alejandra Luciana Cardenas is most prolific under her Ale Hop alias. On distorted guitars and real-time sampling she creates a dense sound between noise, pop, avantgarde and ambient. Ale Hop has presented her work at festivals such as MUTEK in Montreal or CTM in Berlin and took New York with an electrifying live-set at Boiler Room. Alejandra will add a playfully rough edge to this 4fakultät edition that we are most eager to hear and see for ourselves.

A long awaited visit: Christian Naujoks, Peter M. Kersten and Richard Von Der Schulenburg will join as Sky Walking. As a trio these three key figures of electronic underground in Hamburg play for a musical way into the open. Their sound blends instrumental jazz with carefully modulated electronics. On synthesizer, organ, vibes and percussions they interweave filigrane patterns with hypnotic echoes and thereby open up room for multi-layered improvisations.

A unique approach of course is most welcomed at 4fakultät: Jasmine Guffond uses electronic textures and harsh beats to sonify inaudible processes. The artist born in Sydney creates sound from the data traces each and everyone of us leaves by using technologies such as internet cookies and facial recognition algorithms. The resulting soundscape is at the same time abstractual abyssal and energetic.

Immensly excited to welcome this special duo with us. Spill ist the joint project of pianist Magda Mayas and „The Necks“-drummer Tony Buck. Since almost 20 years they are exploring the interplay of rhythm and melody with a highly individual approach. Mayas utilises a prepared grand piano as a percussion instrument and sound laboratory, as Buck focuses on his own melodic-lyrical way of drumming.


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