16 MAR 2019

March 16th 2019

(Sub Rosa, Tzadik / France)
(Marsken Records / Denmark, Berlin)
Light Design / Projections
Alexander Trattler & Artur Musalimov
Bérangère Maximin creates multi-layered electro-acoustical music that lets the origins of her sound sources blur out with astonishing effects. Live practice first came to Berangere through John Zorn and his Tzadik label (USA) who gave her acousmatic work a warm welcome. The french composer has since released several albums on labels like Sub Rosa and Crammed Discs’ Made To Measure. In 2018 Bérangère Maximin performed a solo concert at Hamburg Elbphilharmonie’s ePhil series in February, and has been playing live from London up to Tokyo.
Using analoge synthesizers and instruments like guitars together with found sound material Andrew Pekler collages vivid spectral tableaus, both melodic and obscure. His live performance examines the peculiar tension between the organic and the synthetic. In this sense his recent work “Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas” is an interactive online map that takes listeners on an imaginary acoustic journey into now lost islands. He has released several albums on labels like Kranky, Entr’acte or Jan Jelinek’s Faitiche output,
The Jazz trio The Home of Easy Credit is led by Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, a Danish-American saxophonist, vocalist and composer, who describes herself to be „thriving simultaneously in the dense and claustrophobic environment of New York City and the idyll of the southern Danish countryside.“ Complemented by bassist Tom Blancarte and drummer Jim Black the trio explores a dystopic, post-apocalyptic Free Jazz approach, where melodic fragments and soloistic moments are counterbalanced with rhythmic noises from Metal and Drone.
Felix Kubin and Mark Boombastik should be no strangers to you due to their many collaborative works, both in Hamburg’s local underground music scene as well as in a national and international experimental and academic music discourse. Felix Kubin, a true virtuoso on keys, keeps his setup in constant change around his centerpiece, the Korg MS20 synthesizer. Mark Boombastik, putting beat-boxing under eperimental tension, uses filters together with analogue effects and synthesizers to form a thunderstorm of speech chaos. The duo’s performance combines disharmonic pop, industrial noise and 20th century avantgarde music.
Part of Trans-European SHAPE network, composer and journalist Lucia Udvardyova curates workshops, soundwalks and radio art on topics of regional and outer-national music, electronics and gender. At 4fakultät #11 she will contribute a muically most diverse DJ set.

Photo: Philipp Schewe

24 Nov 2018

Nov. 24th 2018


Kate NV
(Rvng Intl, Orange Milk Records / Moscow) 

(ILK Music / Sweden, Estonia)

(Springstoff / Berlin)

(Gagarin Records / Hamburg)

DJ Nina
(V I S, Golden Pudel Club / Hamburg)

Light Design / Projections
Alexander Trattler & Artur Musalimov

Graphic Design
Keep it, Love it, Call it George


We celebrate three fantastically diverse musical years to thank all artists, listeners and supportive minds. For it’s 10th issue 4fakultät once again invites four highly prolific contemporary artists to share the stage. And, as you know, ‘sharing’ is no cliché phrase with 4fakultät’s defining concept of cross genre improvisation.

Kate Shilonosova alias Kate NV transfigures her minimalistic compositions in a playfully enigmatic live performance. Using found objects and electronics alongside her own voice, Kate NV creates musical fragments hovering between contemporary Pop, Electronic and Classical Music. With her internationally acclaimed album ‘для FOR’ (Rvng Intl, 2018) the Moscow based musician is described as one of the ‘most vital breaking artists around right now’ (FACT Magazine, Pitchfork.com).

Maria Faust and Qarin Wikström alias Shitney see their hyperbolic, highly evocative take on contemporary Noise Jazz as ‘the female rule of Sun Ra’s Saturn colony’. With Saxophone, voice and electronica the duo creates an intense acoustical soundscape, mercilessly cutting short on all genre predominats: ‘Witty feminist criticism of masculine-muscular free jazz!’ Both musicians collaborate with multiple international Jazz ensembles and received various musical prizes and recognitions (Danish Music Award, Estonian Jazz Award).

Berlin based electronic Jazz drummer Jörn Bielefeldt alias JBXDR is titled as ‘one of the most potent new voices in Germany’s electronic underground’ (Clash Magazine). Using a specially designed rhythm setup of acoustic and electronic drumming instruments JBXDR carefully re/constructs his own compositions, creating a colorful and energetic Jazz experience that bends the styles. Every sonic element in each composition is performed live: you won’t find edits, loops, or backing tracks. “I slice music with my drums.”

A.K.Klosowski who has worked with Fehlfarben among others, surprises with haunting lo-fi-tape-sounds made from bits and pieces of obscure origin. Playing live he remodels his various tape recordings with the help of a ‘deus ex machina’-like walkman organ where he pulls the strings with his inimitable rhythmical feel. While operating this carefully designed and manually crafted ‘Kassetteninstrument’ A.K.Klosowski takes a playful comment on contemporary debates about sampled music. The early 80ties experimental spirit of his music seems like a sonic detour to today’s digitalism. Doing such he has proven to be a perfect fit for Felix Kubin’s time bending ‘Gagarin Records’ output.

Photo: Phil Struck