29 OCT 2022

4fakultät #21
October 29th 2022
Neues Amt Altona

This is good bye …

We think our 21st edition will be unlike anything we heard or saw in the past 20 shows and 7 years of our existance. Our last and final 4fakultät will find friends and family reunited, music celebrated and new doors opened. Please come, be our guest, celebrate the past and join the future with us. This is good bye!

Robyn Schulkowsky
(Timpani, Tamtams, Congas)

Ka Baird
(Voice, Flute, Effects)

Roman Hiele
Hanne De Backer
Ben Bertrand

(Electronics, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet)

Cam Deas
Julian Sartorius

(Modular Synthesizer, E-Guitar, Drums)

Co-curated with NINA

Live Visuals
Alexander Trattler, Artur Musalimov / elektropastete

Graphic Design
Christopher Ernst, Alexander Trattler

GOODBYE PARTY after the concert organised in close collaboration with friends and family of HALLO: Radio, Elazer, RIAA Bar, Nika Son and many more …

Born and raised in South Dakota, Robyn Schulkowsky has been an innovator and collaborator throughout her life. She has dedicated herself to revealing the wonders of percussion to people around the world. Robyn’s continuous exploration of new sound dimensions has led to the development of new and unusual musical instruments. She has collaborated with legendary African drummer Kofi Ghanaba, visual artist Guenther Uecker, actress Edith Clever, social scientist Nilam Ram, and choreographers Merce Cunningham and Sasha Waltz. But in the end Robyn’s adventerous aproach to drumming and rhythm is best experienced in one of her highly engaged and focused life performances.

NYC based performer, composer and sound designer Ka Baird are infamous for their unmistakable live solo performances which include extended voice and microphone techniques combined with electronics and psychoacoustic interplay of flutes and other woodwinds. On stage the ritualistic aspect of Baird’s music is unmistakable. Spitting into the microphone, pouring rapid-fire flute riffs into her sampler, it seems less like Baird is performing songs than channeling spirits. They create a present tense sound with a vigorous delivery that seeks extreme release through physical exertion and psychic extension. If the voice is the original instrument, Ka Baird’s performance retreats into breath itself.

Working as a composer and performer of electronic music Roman Hiele has collaborated with numerous other musicians, as well as undertaking music and sound design work for film, theatre and art projects, more recently with the artist Laure Prouvost. Hiele’s music surfaces in the form of hard to pin point electronica, built on a long time obsession for synthetic sound creation and jazz studies. On stage, Hiele plays with expectation, going past what is considered conventional, blending improvisational and classical elements into a no-nonsense personal idiom.

Hanne De Backer is an Antwerp based saxophone player and performer. De Backer’s sound palette is exceptionally broad – from silent to crackling, from fierce drones to whispers between saxophone valves, bold screaming, lyrical phrases and everything in between – but always crushingly intimate, as if you were right in the middle of it all. As a performer and composer De Backer has been active in theater as well with KVS Brussels, ’t Arsenaal Mechelen, Bookers & Hookers and Zonzo Compagnie.

With his instrument and countless machines, Ben Bertrand creates his live sets with a hypnotic web of sounds. He embodies the singular motion of these melodic and harmonic forms in order to draft new sonic possibilities freed from the laws of the physical plane. Pulsating at the kernel of Ben Bertrand’s musical universe are vivid dreams generating the fabric of these tapestries. It gently drifts into perception, „glistening like the sun sparkling off a glacier gliding along the edge of your vision“, as Bertrand describes it himself.

Julian Sartorius’ precise and multi-layered rhythmical patterns are keen excursions into the hidden tones of found objects and prepared instruments, bridging the gap between organic timbres and the vocabulary of electronic music. Trained at the Jazz schools in Berne and Lucerne by instrumentalists like Fabian Kuratli, Pierre Favre and Norbert Pfammatter, Julian Sartorius soon deve- loped a singular musical approach. Being interested in fine-scaled variations, tension and release, mass and vibrancy.

Working as a musician and sound artist based in London Cam Deas practice concerns abstract sound, polytempos, irregular tuning systems and stochastic and computer generative systems. His work is not subject to straightforward categorisation, with output ranging from solo acoustic guitar exploration through live electro-acoustic performance, to pure synthesis and computer generative music. In his live performances Deas explores polytempos and relative ratios between pitch and rhythm in a dense electronic space, described as “disembodied music playing out a thrilling dramaturgy and syntax of alien dissonance and disorienting rhythmic resolution”.

4fakultät works in close cooperation with visual artists Alexander Trattler and Artur Musalimov alias elektropastete. For each edition they create live-generated projections which make 4fakultät an audiovisual experience beyond stylistic definitions.

Funded by Musikfonds as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, initiated by the Federal Government Commissioner, Behörde für Kultur und Medien of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Claussen-Simon-Stiftung and Susanne & Michael Liebelt Stiftungsfonds under the roof of Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. In media partnership with ByteFM, URSSS, Das Filter, Vision Tools, Each Film, KaputMag, HALLO:Radio